Aaron Jay Young is a highly accomplished professional photographer who was originally home-schooled in the small town of Coburn, PA just 160 miles from the city of Pittsburgh. In 2008 he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he immediately focused his creative energies on digital photography, using a Canon digital camera and an array of lenses for whatever subject matter he tackled.

Within a very short period of time, Young’s superb eye and artistic vision landed him a position as the set photographer for Logo Channel's Rupaul's Drag Race where he continues to serve as set photographer for subsequent episodes. He has also worked as a digital photographer for one of the top real estate firms in Los Angeles, creating a profile of images of multi-million dollar properties for sale in the who’s who market of the City of Angels. Aaron also enjoy's photographing people and animals and is dedicated to capturing the true essence of of each subject.

While photography is both his main profession and passion, Aaron is a bit of a renaissance man in that his interests extend well beyond the camera and lens.  Most recently, he has dedicated his energies to understanding the human psyche, and is currently studying Transactional Analysis and Androgynous Semantic Realignment. It is this delving into what lies behind the human mask that enables Aaron to capture the truth within his subject matter as a photographer.
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